I’m a teenager from southern England who vastly enjoys music, books, Japanese anime and art. In my free time, I mostly like to make velvet chokers, with the odd music-listening and occasional story writing. Recently, I’ve been reading every day.

Since I was only seven, I have been playing the electric guitar. I own two, though I only play on one – my old faithful, a Stratocaster copy. I also have been creating gory special effects makeup for a short while; probably about seven months. Adding to my list of hobbies, I perform martial arts.

Gaming is something I enjoy more than anything, though, and currently my favourite game is Bioshock. I’d love to be able to create something like that!

I have created a blog for a number of reasons: boredom, keeping track of whatever interesting thing has occurred, to improve my writing. That isn’t half of it, either, but I could go on for days!

This is where the magic happens. Enjoy reading this magnificent mess of a blog, and while you’re at it: it would be a super snazzy idea to click the follow button.