I’m convinced that I have magic karma powers.

As childish or as stupid as “I’ve got magical powers” sounds, I’m thinking it’s true to an extent. This is coming from a teenager whose beliefs of Santa and the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny have long been abandoned. It’s not as amazing as levitation: if I really, really want something to happen, it will. I’ve got evidence.

The first example I can remember of these strange instances was when I was 8 or 9 years old. My ex-socially adept self was in both an ICT animation club and a cricket club on different days after school; I’m not a terribly sporty person, but if I do say so myself, my cricket skills were exemplary. My animation was pretty cool too.

Unfortunately, these two clubs clashed once; I had a cricket match elsewhere to be as well as ICT club at school and being the sensitive crybaby I am, I was on the brink of tears. Though I hated the idea of missing the animation club, I had to choose the cricket match because I had never played a proper match before, and I was told I would probably never get to again (which was true – I didn’t get to because of the amount of people in the club on the ‘list’, or whatever).

On our way out of the building to the minibuses (which would take us to the primary school we would play against), the school power suddenly completely shut off for seemingly no reason (it wasn’t raining or anything and the electricity had been fine all day) and ICT was cancelled. All the students in the computer club played with the photo booth on some school iPads while they were waiting for their parents to take them home, and I played cricket in a giant hall that was the size of a football field and a half. My team almost won, too.

Most of the other instances are all tied together in the way that they’re all to do with concerts. In 2015, I met Fall Out Boy. Now, as I don’t listen to them so much, I can’t remember why I felt like they were my whole life, but I just needed more than anything to meet them. We spent hundreds of BPS and my stupid eleven year old self just said “hi, I love you guys” before taking a picture and running away when I could’ve hugged them or something. Getting off topic now.

I didn’t think I’d be ever meeting them but surprise! I did. My family and I aren’t the richest of people so you’ve got to understand that spending this money on something like going to a super unorganised American Beauty/American Psycho concert to spend thirty seconds with some men you think sound good is completely out of the ordinary.

A similar thing happened when I met Motionless In White in January of this year – they weren’t selling VIP tickets for England at all for ages and my friends and I thought they just wouldn’t. On one random day of November or December – whenever it was – I had a dream that I had tickets to meet them, woke up to use the bathroom, and saw I had a notification from my friend on Instagram that the tickets were finally out after all hope was lost. At approximately 10:30p.m., I got my mum to buy some tickets for me. It was worth it.

I also met Fearless Vampire Killers when they were still together a while ago. It was about April of 2016, I believe, and I accidentally listened to them after YouTube auto-played their song Maeby when I was trying to listen to Motionless In White. So I thought, wow, this is cool, and stalked them for a little bit, only to see they were playing in my very town less than twenty days away at a festival for a child called Teddy who had cancer, or something. I don’t pay attention to these things.

Every time I find that a band has played less than 45 minutes from me, it’s always a week beforehand – this was a huge surprise.

My last instance happened a couple hours ago. On our way home from a huge superstore containing almost everything and anything, I was listening to my headphones (while my mum drove me and my sister) when my favourite song, Sick From The Melt, came on. I knew it would take less time to get home than it would to get to the end of the song, so I thought to myself, I hope there’s traffic or something to slow us down. Low and behold, about five seconds later, a huge lorry came maniacally speeding around the corner which caused us to stop. My song ended as soon as we pulled up to my house thanks to the extra fifteen seconds of cautious driving it gave us.

Call it karma, or super powers, or good luck, or all three, I think it’s pretty cool. I don’t want to jinx it, though. Being nice won’t hurt the former, though. I hope my anecdote was enjoyed.

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