Struggling to write guitar solos.

Recently, I’ve been trying to find a nice blues lick on my guitar to play as a solo for a Rasta song for my exam. I’m not exactly a fan of either genres, but I think the song I’m playing is pretty funky, albeit too fast for me to think about where my fingers are even meant to be gong.

It’s surprisingly hard to find something nice that actually fits together, or with the rest of the song. And when it is nice, I can never piece the two (or more) different ‘sections’ together. It’s like having writer’s block and a brain fart at the same time, and I eventually look like:

See the source image

Until I decide to procrastinate until tomorrow and practice something else. Nothing like some good ol’ perseverance, right? I’m being sarcastic, that’s the polar opposite of persevering.

Both my teacher and my mum want me to watch YouTube videos on it, to listen and observe, but they’re so tedious. Whoever explaining whatever always takes ten minutes to get to the point, instead explaining, “today, we’re going to be doing this. You already know this, because you read the title, but I’m telling you anyway,” and I’m more impatient than most if I am completely honest.

I’m meant to be having a grade three exam soon but I’ve no idea when. The exam-people said that I’ll be told soon, with four weeks of notice. I think I doubt that just a little bit, but I’ll wait until then.

That’s enough wording for today. 254 words and my brain is already sludge from staring at the same glaring, eye-aching computer screen for a few hours.

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