Inspiration is important for a reason

Inspiration varies from person to person. You could be inspired by someone else, or something you see on Pinterest, or an animal. Anything. My inspirations are, more often than not, people. Most people are inspired by other people because humans naturally copy and gape at others’ talent, and that is completely normal.

My family inspires me to do most things that I do. I won a bronze medal at a jujitsu tournament last year, and that was my sister inspiring me by shouting “eat her soul and shit it right out” at me. I got a B in an English exam because of my sister and my mum telling me it’ll be okay. When I was seven, my mum got me to play the guitar for the first time, which ultimately is changing my life.

Ricky Horror of Motionless In White is my favourite guitarist, and he once told me on Twitter that when he was my age, he practised for hours and hours a day (though everyone is different, and they should go at their own paces) and that encouraged me to practise more. Although I certainly don’t play for hours, it’s considerably longer than what I used to practice for.

Devin Sola, who used to be the bass guitarist Motionless In White, inspires me to do makeup and has made me want to learn the bass properly. Once I did my own version of his, and he told me it looks great. It wasn’t a lot, but it kept me going. I was also told by him that a pumpkin I carved of him on Halloween was amazing.

The word ‘inspiration’ is used every day in the English vocabulary. It is an important part of the dictionary, because without that word there would be none other for “something that makes you want to do something” but, now that I think about it, a synonym is ‘motivation’. Saying that, inspiration is something making you want to and motivation is actually getting off your arse and doing it.

If inspiration didn’t exist, we’d all be doomed.

You can see when a person hasn’t experienced it, because they’re moping around with a job they hate, and three children they never wanted with a husband or wife who doesn’t love them as much as they should. And the sad thing is, they don’t even try to make things better. They live to work, rather than working to live. If you want to only exist for your job, then fine – each to their own – but at least do something that makes you happy.

I think inspiration is often just wrongly brushed aside as a hope or dream that won’t come true. Why do you like that celebrity, when you’ll never be her? Even though you could be famous and the only thing stopping you is your mindset. It’s stupid. Don’t let anyone change what inspires you; if they do, you’ll never reach your full potential to be what you want.

Some people would think that I, as an early teenager, have no idea what I’m on about. The thing is, I have more than just an idea what I’m on about.

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